Jeff and Donna in Paracas National Park, Peru

About air2share Podcast

Each podcast will feature one of our Airbnb stays or an Airbnb discovery from a traveler. We will talk about the Airbnb’s locations, amenities, expectations and reviews.  Along with information on the Airbnb’s local activities, sights, tours, eateries and foods to try. We will end each episode with a unique discovery from Donna’s “Airbnb Wish List.”

Our purpose is three-fold:

  • First,  to encourage people who are curious about Airbnb to book their first experience.
  • Second, to share with active Airbnb guests, some great new Airbnb discoveries
  • Third, to provide Airbnb host and affiliate business insights into a guest/traveler perspective.

Meet Jeff and Donna

Jeff and Donna Baker produced a public TV cooking show called Man in the Kitchen for a local PBS Affiliate KVCR in the Los Angeles area. Jeff hosted and Donna directed. The couple eventually moved into radio, producing the food and travel feature Savory Road which aired on their local NPR affiliate in southern California.

Years before the founders of AirBnB were born, a sixteen year-old Donna packed up her bell bottoms, leather clogs, Abba 8-tracks, and flew across the planet to be an exchange student. During her immersion into Finnish culture she met lifelong friends and found a deep love for discovering new places. Backpacking trips around Europe followed.

Jeff had barely traveled outside his home town of Seattle when Donna met him. It would be several years before the two would hit the road together. First, they had a checklist to complete – find a career, buy a house, get a dog, raise kids – all that culturally mandated stuff.

When the rigors of suburban life began taking its toll on the couple, Donna talked Jeff into quitting his job and taking their kids backpacking around Europe for five months. Hotels were expensive for a family of five, so they stayed with friends of friends, and exchange students they’d hosted. When staying outside the tourist zones, they enjoyed being  introduced to unique and special people and places.

When the kids had and grown and flown, the couple sold their home of nearly 30 years and decided to travel for a couple years. By then, AirBnB was in full swing and provided that “off the beaten path” travel experience they’d grown to love.

While sipping whiskey on the deck of a riverside AirBnB on the Scottish Island of Islay, the couple were inspired to create a podcast describing the elevated experience peer-to-peer lodging provides. Hence, this podcast was conceived.


Savory Road Radio and Podcast

We have been producing and hosting Savory Road Radio over the last couple of years for 91.9 KVCR in Southern California.  We have recently changed our short radio features over to a podcast format, to allow us to tell our stories a longer story-telling format.  Check out more on our website


Show Notes

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